Entertainment could be Pittsburgh’s new steel.

— Ellen Weiss Kander, Co-founder, Steeltown Entertainment Project



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Click here to checkout "The Chair ",  trailer now playing on Starz!

Airing on the Starz Network September 6, 2014, this innovative 10-episode series follows dueling first-time directors -- YouTube sensation Shane Dawson... Read More »

Airing on the Starz Network Fall of 2014, this innovative 10-episode series follows dueling first-time directors -- YouTube sensation Shane Dawson and writer/actor Anna Martemucci -- making two different movies from the same script. 

Read More!


MovieMaker Magazine Proclaims Pittsburgh "The Comeback Kid" with "Rebirth Through a Fresh Faith in the Power of Film" Calls Steeltown Entertainment Project's Innovative Financing Model a "Canny Strategy...already paying dividends"

In honor of the season two premiere of everyone's favorite female prison Netflix original series, check out our interview with "Orange Is the New Black" writer Lauren Morelli. We were pleased to host the Pittsburgh native late last year as part of the Steeltown Spotlight Series. 


Steeltown's partnership with Amachi is pioneering, national model


Amachi Pittsburgh is a non-profit organization with the important mission of helping the children of incarcerated parents. Looking for help in spreading the word to attract attention to its charge... Read More »

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  • Such a wonderful night! Thank you to all who came out to see Stephen Chbosky! #PGHSpotlight http://t.co/3aMpqo3Lay 2 hours 16 min ago
  • "A film crew must be a family" - Stephen Chbosky #PGHSpotlight 2 hours 29 min ago
  • "There is no right way, there is your way" #PGHSpotlight 2 hours 34 min ago
  • "Your real currency is not money, it's time" - Stephen Chbosky #PGHSpotlight 2 hours 41 min ago
  • Did you know that once Emma Watson signed on to Perks of Being a Wallflower, the studio finally green-lit the picture. #PGHSpotlight 2 hours 47 min ago